Invest in your team. We offer HR consulting to companies and accounting industries. Analysis and evaluation of the efficiency of internal procedures and controls; Assistance in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the accounting standards of the Central Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM); Assistance in the elaboration of systems of physical inventory of fixed assets, as well as their application and monitoring of works; Advice on appropriate methods of accounting in accordance with tax and commercial legislation; Internal accounting audit with the option of reporting in English and in US dollars; Consultancy in structuring and internal organization of company in the financial, administrative and operational areas; Consultancy to determine the general situation of the company and identification of factors responsible for unsatisfactory results; Accounting of companies operating in the area of ​​foreign exchange, insurance and reforestation; Accounting of companies operating in the financial area, factoring and consortiums controlled by the Central Bank of Brazil; Elaboration or revision of Income Tax Declaration Legal and Physical; Accounting and labor expertise in general, in the people of the partners.
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