People management

Turnover is a problem that occurs in many companies and it has a direct impact on productivity. Managing people is a challenge and if you do not have time to evaluate employee performance, Accounting Plan solves this for you! Assistance to the Inspection of the Ministry of Labor, INSS and FGTS; Cadastral updating of the company with the competent bodies; Calculation of holidays and social charges, as a guide to INSS and FGTS / GFIP, calculation of discharge overtime and adaptation to collective bargaining agreements; Statements such as Caged and Rais; Payroll for trainees, employees, self-employed and members; Management of Personal Department documents; Admission and dismissal process, including trade union strikes; Worker’s Feeding Program (PAT); Representation of the company next to the official organs like Regional Delegate Work, Union, Justice of the Work and others.

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